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Machine Precision of GPU

About seven day, I have been think what must I do for my final task explanation chapter. My aims that to show GPU simulation have as same as CPU simulation. But based on the result I have problem like I said in GPU Rounding Problem article. In this section, I am just to present to you about my observe how the precision of GPU, that is part of my final task observation.
Machine precision is maximum number on computer that if added to 1, for example, not changed that number 1. This statement can be ilustrated like Figure 1 below:

Figure 1. Machine precision. where e=machine precision
I was make CUDA code to look how the precise of GPU. I use just one thread and in one block with address index x=1 and y=1. As CPU, for single-precision of floating point numbers have precision 0.0000009, more than that number my GPU device cannot be handled. I use GeForce 9400 GT and all the result of my underflow, precise and overflow, can you see in the Table 1 below.
Table 1 is show to us …

Edugameapp from Computational Lab